What Is The Difference Between Pursuing O-1A And EB-1A For Athletes And Coaches?

The Difference Between O-1A And EB-1A And Why To Use The O-1A First If Currently Located Outside Of The United States

For potential clients that are great candidates and also not currently located in the United States, we highly recommend pursuing the O-1A visa before pursuing the EB-1A visa in most circumstances. 

The EB-1A is the permanent resident option for foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities. This option comes with a “Green Card” to the United States, but obtaining a green card can take quite a while, depending on the situation. 

The O-1A visa is a non-immigrant option for foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities. This means that a green card does not come with this visa, but in almost all cases, this visa will allow much quicker access to the United States than the EB-1A permanent resident option. 

We advise clients to obtain the O-1A to obtain admission to the United States much more quickly than waiting for EB-1A and consular processing to become available for Permanent Residence. 

The O-1A Benefits Compared To The EB-1A Visas For Athletes And Coaches

  • The O-1A is a non-immigrant version of the EB-1A.
  • The O-1A typically takes much less time to obtain access to the United States with work authorization.
  • The O-1A has the exact basic eligibility requirements as the EB-1A but is adjudicated at a lower standard.
  • The O-1A is dual intent, which means it is outstanding to transition from O-1A to EB-1A while inside the United States already by Adjustment of Status.

EB-1A Visa Compared To The O-1A For Athletes And Coaches

  • EB-1A is the permanent (Green Card) version of the O-1A
  • Consular processing of a Green Card after approval can take a long time.
  • The EB-1A has the exact basic eligibility requirements as the O-1A but is referred to a higher standard, making it more challenging to approve.
  • Applying for the EB-1A through adjustment of status while inside the United States on an O-1A visa is much preferable to consular processing outside of the United States.

The O-1A visa can be filed with premium processing, and consulates around the World have current availability for interview dates. Depending on the circumstances, this means it can take a month to be inside the United States with work authorization. 

In addition, the O-1A is adjudicated at a lower standard, so if you can get the O-1A, you have time to build a resume in the United States to be a great candidate for the EB-1A visa. 

Finally, we have a unique program for persons interested in the EB-1A and choose us to do both the EB-1A and O-1A visa. 

The EB-1A is 50% off when coupled with O-1 filing first. The adjustment of status fees is still the same. 
Please find our pricing in the attached price list and at the link below:

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