What To Do After My O-1 Or P-1 Visa Is Approved?

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Example: Filling Out the DS-160 Application
Of course, our clients are happy to hear the great news that they are approved for an O-1 visa or P-1 visa, but there is still work to do if you are outside of the United States at the time of approval. If the P-1 or O-1 visa holder wants to travel with family, coaches, trainers, or friends, most frequently a combination of B-1/2, P-1S, P-4, O-2, or O-3 visas is required.
B-1/2 visitor visas are appropriate for persons coming to the United States for less than 6 months and not intending to work. These are inexpensive visas, but they are becoming increasingly harder to obtain.
P-1S visas are appropriate for essential support staff of P-1 visas holders and can be family members of the P-1 visa holder if they have requisite skills and experience of supporting the athlete or creative.
P-4 visas are appropriate for family members of P-1 and P-1S visa holders.
O-2 visas are appropriate for essential support staff of O-1 visas holders and can be family members of the O-1 visa holder if they have requisite skills and experience of supporting the athlete or creative.
O-3 visas are appropriate for family members of P-1 and P-1S visa holders.

Please use the receipt number of your approved visa and visit the Consular Electronic Application Center for the Department of State.

Pick the language you want to use for your visa.
Select the country and location where you would like to interview (note it is okay to visit online websites of US consulates to check the wait times for nonimmigrant visa interviews because it varies from time to time).

Click “Start” and “Application.”
Please save the application ID and Security Question & Answer so you can access the application later if you need to ***VERY IMPORTANT.

Please enter all the relevant answers to the application questions.
Notes on filling out the DS-160:
Please go through all the questions entirely before asking for assistance so you can send all inquiries at once.

For visa type, do not use a B-1 visa. Please put the same notice as on your approval notice.
For estimated income, use your best judgment. It does not have to be exact; please make an estimate.
Place of work – use the address of the visa sponsor.
The following documents will be needed to complete the DS-160:
receipt number
picture of yourself that meets USCIS standards 

passport (passport should not expire within six months of the date your visa validity date ends – check approval notice)
list of last few trips to the United States

Work history and resume
Only questions deemed OPTIONAL can be left blank. All other questions must be answered or designated as Does Not Apply.
If you get stuck, you can save the application and retrieve it later using the application ID Security Question and Answer to the security question.  

Finally, print and save the DS-160 application confirmation page when completed; you will need this for the interview.

After completing the DS-160, the applicant must contact their nominated embassy to apply for an interview. If you come to the United States without conducting the interview, you will not go there with the updated P-1 or O-1 visa status, even if the new approval is for a renewal. This part of the process must be done directly with the embassy of choice, each with different approaches. We suggest clients review the embassy’s rules for applying for a visa to know the process and how long the interview will take. 

Select a United States Embassy or Consulate convenient for your needs and timing.

Once you select an embassy, please visit the page for nonimmigrant visas to see the instructions for nonimmigrant appointment scheduling. 
Be sure to check for the following details on the page:

  • appointment and processing wait times
  • specific rules for paying the fees
  • additional documents that are required
  • who can come with you to the interview 

more information 

  • Visit the Official U.S. VISA information and appointment services.
  • Select Temporary Nonimmigrant Visas and select the desired country and embassy to do the interview.
  • Click “{Apply” if you have never completed a DS-160, or enter log-in information if you have in the past.
  • Finish the process to pay for the visa. The fee is $160.

In some countries, you can schedule an interview on the same webpage as paying the DS-160 visa application fee. However, if you are in a country that does not operate this way, you must contact the embassy again for further instructions.

In most cases, the visa will be approved. Next, the consulate will tell you how and when to pick up your updated passport, which may take several days. 

In some cases, the visa may be denied. Next, the consulate will explain why you were denied the visa. Please save this information for your attorney so we can determine if a waiver is possible. 

Sometimes, the applicant will be placed into administrative processing, which is neither an approval nor a denial. Administrative processing means the case will be reviewed in further detail and can only be overturned by the Department of State. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done in these circumstances.  

Once approved, the applicant can also request a social security number at the consulate, which could be very beneficiary. Details on the process and benefits of obtaining a social security number can be found on this article.

If you still have issues with the DS-160 process, we can assist you directly. Don’t hesitate to contact our office by calling 704-243-8187 or email info@sherrodsportsvisas.com.

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