What Does It Mean To Be An O-1 Or P-1 Petitioner?

Every P-1 or O-1 visa petitioner requires an actual petitioner, also known as a sponsor. This person or entity signs the paperwork involved with an I-129P or I-129 O petition. The petitioner often differs from the entity or entities paying the visa applicant. The main points and responsibilities of a petitioner are only as follows; 

  • Petitioner agrees to receive service of process on behalf of the visa applicant

This means that the petitioner can receive service of civil suits on the applicant, but they do not incur liability. 

  • Petitioner asserts that the contents of the petitioner are accurate.
  • If there is no one else to pay, the petitioner is ultimately responsible for reasonable travel for the visa applicant if the petitioner terminates the visa early.

Certain information is mandatory for the petitioner to release in order for USCIS to process the I-129 P or I-129O Petition. The required information includes the following:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Mobile or Day Time Phone Number
  • Contact Address or Business Address
  • Social Security Number or Business Employer Identification Number

It is also helpful for businesses to submit a copy of their secretary of state filing. For petitioners applying as US citizens or permanent residents, submitting a copy of a birth certificate and passport copy is beneficial. 

The petitioner is not required to submit taxation paperwork, revenue statistics, or other information. Furthermore, the petitioner can have experience in the industry in which the applicant will be participating.

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