Options for Non-Immigrant Visas

There are two options available for the O and P Category visas: 

  •  Expedited processing (Government Fees of $2950 are included) – 15-day responses after submission to USCIS.
  •  regular processing (Government Fees of $460 are included) – 2-5 Month Average Responses after submission to USCIS.

Optional Petitioner Services
Every petitioner needs a Sponsor/Petitioner to sign the immigration forms and serve as an address in the United States. A sponsor or petitioner can be any of the following.
Any company or business located in the United States (will need EIN Number)

  • A US Citizen (Will need a passport and sometimes a birth certificate)
  • A US Green Card Holder (Will need a visa, Green card copy, and birth certificate

 What does it mean to be a petitioner?
1. Asserts that the contents of the visa application are true
2. Agrees to receive service of process for the athlete (this means they can sue at your address, but there is no liability risk to the petitioner.

  • The Price is $1000 for Petitioner Service.

Consular Processing Service Options and Support (Optional Service) 

See the Consular Processing Service description and recommendations of our Attorneys.

EB-1A Filing Options with Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing

EB-1A Pricing Schedule
There are two portions of the EB-1A Application; the EB-1A Petition Extraordinary Ability Visa and the Permanent Residence Application. 

The EB-1A Application is $10000 for legal fees.
There are two options for filing fees:

  • $700 for regular processing, which would make the total $10700 for this option. This option takes an average of 8-16 months.
  • For an extra $2500, premium processing is available for 15-day maximum responses from USCIS. The total for this option is $13,200.

The second portion of the application is the Permanent Residence Application. There are two options to do this. Most clients choose regular processing because the Adjustment of Status cannot be expedited. 

Adjustment of Status for EB-1A Petition
The adjustment of status can only be filed while a person is in the United States. The application can be submitted as soon as the EB-1A or after the EB-1A is approved. 
A person who filed for status adjustment cannot travel outside of the United States until their “Advance Parole” is granted. Advance Parole is the authorization for travel given with form I-131, typically submitted with the I-485 Adjustment of Status petition. In addition, there is usually an application for work authorization with form I-485. The advance parole and work authorization can take an average of 8-12 months to be approved. 

Adjusting the status application can take an average of 12-16 months to be approved or even longer. 
Pricing for I-485, I-131, and Work Authorization is as follows: 

  • Legal Fees are $5000 per applicant
  • Filing fees are $1225 per applicant unless there are children with applications simultaneously, which would be $2000 per child.

Consular Processing for Permanent Residence
Persons that wait until their EB-1A petition is approved can perform consular processing for their permanent residence. Instead of sending an application to USCIS, the visa is processed at the National Visa Center, and an interview is performed overseas. 

The applicant must wait for an immigrant visa to become available at their consular post and for an interview to be scheduled. The timeline for consular processing can be challenging to predict, but it is normal for 4-9 months to complete. 

  • Legal fees are $4000
  • Filing fees are $325
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